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The 1up Effect: Live Life Like You Found Another One

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What Is The 1up Effect?

The 1up Effect is about designing and living a successful and meaningful life built on principles of personal transformation and game design.

Those who feel an internal emptiness, despite the success and achievement they’ve (or not) created, will discover who they’re called to be, how to have fun, and how to level up all areas of their life.

We’ve been told a life of happiness is unlocked by achieving success. It has been driven into our belief system to work hard and only after you become successful, happiness will follow.

And while you may be winning the game of achievement, a success-based lifestyle where success is supposed to unlock happiness, meaning, and fulfillment, you’re left feeling empty and unsure why.

So you work harder, thinking that’s the solution.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. works more than any other country in the world, has no limitations on work hours, and provides minimal benefits to support your mental state and overall happiness.

It’s no wonder, according to a study conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago, the country is the unhappiest it has been in 50 years and you’ve seen an increasing focus on mental health.

This is the result of a game we’ve been tricked into playing and while games are designed for you to win, they’re also designed for you to have fun.

Not only are you not having fun, but you’re also playing like it’s your last life.

The 1up Effect creates a new game to play, gives you more “lives,” and makes life fun and meaningful again.

In this book, Thomas Edwards Jr., a transformational coach and Founder of The Professional Wingman, explains where a success-based lifestyle came from, why it’s no longer sustainable in today’s world, and how a game-based lifestyle allows you to experience life’s happiness and meaning at the highest level, without sacrificing success and achievement.

You’ll get to deeply know yourself as the main character of life’s game –– your archetype, vision, ratings, and happiness.

Through a daily ritual, the book helps you build strength, resilience, love, integrity, and certainty in yourself to handle the various things life throws your way.

It will share deep insights into how to engage in powerful conversations between your soul and ego, destroying limiting beliefs impacting your life, healing emotional pain rooted from them, and applying newly-crafted beliefs to all areas of your life through a cognitive-behavioral therapy-inspired practice.

Exploring the 4 worlds inside the game –– purpose, play, passion, and performance –– you’ll learn how the levels in each world play key roles in your life and how to master them.

The 1up Effect improves your physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

It will show you how to have fun again by tapping into the people, places, and experiences that bring you joy.

It will share why it’s vital to show yourself, love, on a regular basis, how to reignite the romance in your life, and how to source empathy for others.

Lastly, it will key in on increasing your value as an asset to the world, how to share it openly, and how to ask for value when you want the support.

All of this designed with points and challenges to track your journey.

Thomas Edwards, Jr. understands what it’s like to play the "Game of Achievement.” His first business, The Professional Wingman achieved massive success quickly, thanks to a feature in the Wall Street Journal.

After hundreds of marriages and engagements and being in virtually every international media platform in the world, that seemingly gave him everything: money, success, fame, and love.

Despite all of that, he felt empty, alone, and unhappy, with no idea why.

On the brink of losing everything in his life, he went on a bold journey that not only got him out of his darkness, but also gave him a renewed purpose, filling his life with meaning, love, and happiness.

While Thomas’s game has guided clients through major wins, such as losing 75 pounds in 6 months, healing major long-term trauma, finding or reigniting love, and getting massive promotions at work, the biggest win has been their ability to create more happiness and fulfillment in their lives than ever before.

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